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The new pocket Trivial Pursuit has a question about my world record from 2003. I'm in the...
Danish visitors look!
I have a Danish translation of Mark Jeays' simple solution in the Dowload section. This is probably the easiest solution for first time cubers to learn.
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hey can anyone help me learn the fredriches method ?...
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The timer
Did you come here looking for my puzzle timer?
You can download it in the download section.
It's in the bottom of the page.

Nybegynder fra Danmark? - (Danish newbie?)
Er du dansker og leder efter en nem løsning til professorterningen? Så er du kommet til det rigtige sted.
Her kan du downloade en, let at forstå, løsning til professorterningen.
Klik HER for at downloade word dokument på dansk.

If you're a Danish newbie, looking for an easy solution to the Rubik's cube, then you've come to the right place.
Here you can download an easy to learn solution to the cube.
Click HERE to download the Danish word document.

I have received many mails from people, asking about the timer. I don't have the time to develope the timer right now, so I have decided to upload the timer as it is with all the bugs it may have. The timer is usable but please don't mail me notifying me about the bugs, I know.

Anyway, enjoy it.

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